The history of the Marshville Hunting Preserve

The Marshville Lodge was established in November 2010, located in Marshville, Route 6, Pictou County in Nova Scotia. Through purchases and local land leases, the Marshville Lodge has expanded to offer 209 acres of preserve pheasant hunting and approximately 450 acres of big game hunting and duck and goose hunting.

With the cooperation of local farmers, several adjacent fields are cultivated and planted with game crops such as soy bean, corn, and grains which makes for great hunting opportunities once harvested. Inside the pheasant preserve there are two fields, approximately 20 acres of soy bean planted annually to sustain the local pheasants.

About Mike

A registered guide, and hunting enthusiast with decades of hunting and wildlife experience. Mike is the owner operator of the Marshville Hunting Preserve and aims to create the ultimate hunting experience, whether that’s hunting deer, pheasant, geese or ducks. Mike has built an environmentally sustainable preserve that includes all the bells and whistles needed for a perfect hunt.  

You’ll also find Gauge, Marshville Hunting Preserve’s resident Red Fox Lab, who doesn’t stray too far from Mike. Gauge was trained by Don Arsenault at Ruff Country Kennel. Gauge has hunting in his genes and has proven to be an excellent retriever (blind retriever) and gun dog.