The focus of Marshville Lodge is to offer true hunting experiences in Nova Scotia. Pheasants are reared in release pens and when integrated in the Preserve, they are truly wild birds exhibiting speed and cunning which makes for great hunting. A good bird dog is highly recommended which can be housed at the Lodge. Marshville Lodge has a resident Fox Red Lab, Gauge, who is fully trained and an experienced hunter. Hunting etiquette for bird hunters at Marshville Lodge is no shooting birds on the ground, allow flushed birds to raise at least 10 feet before shooting, not over working the dogs, and minimize the number of hunters per dog. Pheasant preserve hunting is open from August 1st through to March 31st. Regular season pheasant hunting off the preserve is from October 1st through to December 15th. Marshville Lodge offers several pheasant hunting experiences, hedge rows, soy bean fields with mowed breaks, treelines, grassy fields with pockets of bush and alders. 

The Marshville Lodge has registered guides to assist in making your hunting experience a great success.   

The Marshville Lodge Hunting Experience

Pheasant Preserve and Hunting

The Marshville Lodge imports pheasant chicks which are reared in one of the barns. Once the chicks have reached the ages of 6 – 8 weeks they are transferred to two 10,000 sq.ft. release pens. When the pheasants have matured they will naturally integrate themselves into the wild. This method offers true hunting of totally wild birds. The habitat also offers great Ruffed Grouse and Woodcock hunting. There are great facilities offered to house your dogs.

Deer Hunting

The Marshville Lodge, which lies in Zone 109, offers fantastic deer and bear hunting. Guests may choose to still hunt or stand hunt. Our area has yielded some fantastic bucks easily scoring 160. The Marshville Lodge has produced many great big game hunts with a very good success rate. The Lodge offers only limited whitetail deer hunting to ensure good future hunting. Marshville Lodge can offer a great weeks’ hunt for 1 – 2 people, accommodations included. Situated on private land, the Lodge has strategically place solid stands for rifle or bow hunting. Nestled in the softwoods, is a great 2 person bow tower. There have been many magnificent bucks harvested from the Lodge property. 

There are many beautiful trails to follow, large stands of big timber, open fields, and thickets for the more enthusiastic hunters. Using the winds and landscape to your advantage will insure a successful hunt.  The Lodge has a full size cold room to store game plus equipment to process the game. The Marshville Lodge has the equipment to recover harvested deer and the facilities to cold store and process. A registered guide will always be available to assist with the hunt.

Duck and Goose Hunting

The Marshville lodge lies inside one of the great Canada Goose migratory flyways. There are generally 3000 birds around the Cape John area and another 3000 birds around the Bayhead area annually. Harvested fields within and outside the Marshville Lodge’s boundaries offer fantastic goose and duck hunting. 

The Marshville Lodge has a huge inventory of GHG full-bodied, full-flocked decoys, several Avian X blinds, fixed blinds, and pit blinds. Marshville Lodge wishes its guest migratory bird hunters to experience a successful day by participating in the blind and decoy spread layout. All goose hunting is done in harvested fields of corn, soy bean, and grains. 

Transportation to targeted hunting sites can be done by large UTV’s and decoys transported by trailer. Commonly blinds can accommodate 6 people and convenience exits for the dog. Wind direction and bird patterns will determine what field or section of field would be utilized for a successful hunt.

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